Why do TV execs hate me?

I have to admit, I am a sucker for serial dramas, especially those with a supernatural/sci-fi slant, post-apocalyptic environments, strange islands, nuclear bombs or hot young college coeds. I guess that’s OK, I know people that like reality shows too… I guess we all have our guilty pleasures.

Today I was dealt a double blow by learning about the demise of both Veronica Mars and Jericho. Sure, Veronica slipped a little this year with the changing of the theme song and the absorption of the WB into the CW. It seems the show had lost some steam and ‘Mars – the College Years’ wasn’t going so great, especially after the amazing bus crash story line last year. I’m still sorry to see it go.

Jericho, on the other hand, was just starting to get interesting. Hawkins was turning out to be a hero. Heather and Emily were about to be in a catfight, and Jake was going to avenge his father. The only downside was the untimely (and a bit cheesy) death of Gerald McRaney’s (Simon & Simon, Major Dad) character – Johnston Green.

The real problem with networks cancelling serialized drama is the lack of closure. The Mars writers typically do a good job of making the story lines wrap up at the end of the season. Jericho didn’t give us that at all. In fact, we will never learn who the evil homeland security guy is, why he set off the nukes, what will happen to the town, the story is just over – right in the middle.

I think there should be a law. Networks are not allowed to cancel shows without finishing the story. If this means that they have to buy a whole new season, so be it. The FCC needs to quit worrying so much about wardrobe malfunctions and start protecting all of us invest time in stories, just to be dissappointed. Come on, think of the children!