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Greeley Restaurant Reviews
Below are reviews of some Greeley Restaurants. Just a few considerations for anyone that may read this page.
These reviews and experiences are my own. Other’s experiences may vary. I am not a professional food critic. I attempt to be honest to the best of my ability, but various outside forces may influence my opinions. Restaurants are given an overall rating from one to ten based on my experience. These ratings encompass any number of criteria – price, quality, cleanliness, service, etc… which may or may not be listed seperately based on my mood, time constraints, or necessity. The numbers indicates how much I like the place. Any person or business that disagrees with my published opinions please feel free to contact me. I would be glad to review your establishment again

Finally, this is some old information. It may still be useful to someone, so I moved it here.

Buffalo Wild Wings
4711 W 29th St
Greeley, CO 80634

OK, here I am again reviewing ‘one of the top 10 fastest growing restaurant chains’. Well, I guess I can only review the places I have been going to and I’ve been to Buffalo Wild Wings four or five times in the last month. Overall I must say I have been impressed. The sports bar atmosphere is tasteful and attractive and the wings are quite good (never really thought I would get tired of chicken wings, but I’m starting to). The thing I think has impressed me most has been the staff. All too often when a new restaurant opens up in this town the wait staff is clueless, inattentive or downright rude. Buffalo Wild Wings has been moderately busy most times that I’ve been there, but the service has been excellent. On the down side, they are a little expensive. The wings are reasonable, but they make up for it on everything else. Beer specials haven’t been so special, burgers are over $5 (fries separate) and not worth it and a side of Ranch for your wings is an extra forty cents. The other bad thing is it’s a little small, I’m guessing Monday night games there will be impossible to get in to. Aside from that, it’s a fun place. Greeley finally has a decent sports bar – can’t wait for football season to start!!

Food – 7 (Wings are excellent, everything else I’ve tried isn’t)
Service – 9
Location – 7
Cost – 4

Overall – 7
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El Pueblito Mexican Restaurant
2435 W 10th Street, Greeley, CO 80634-3528

Looking for authentic Mexican food? El Pueblito may be the place for you. The food at El Pueblito is as close to the food I’ve eaten in Mexico as anyplace I’ve been in Greeley. Service is always good, price is always reasonable and the location is easy to get to. If you are looking for Tex-Mex, Albertos may be a better choice, but for a taste of authentic Mexico El Pueblito is a good bet.

Food – 8
Service – 7
Location – 8
Cost – 8

Overall – 8

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Jackson’s All American Sports Grill
2118 35th Ave, Greeley CO

Jackson’s All American Sports Grill (formerly Jackson’s Hole) is one of the only ‘sport’s bars’ in Greeley. It features big screen TVs, patio seating, a full menu and an overall fun atmosphere.

Blue 9 Burger
3531 10th St. Greeley, CO

On April 21, 2005 Blue 9 Burger opened what is, appearantly, it’s second location. The first is in New York City near NYU. The second is on West 10th in Greeley, next door to Domino’s Pizza.

Today (April 22, 2005) I visited Blue 9 Burger. Ordered two $6 cheesburger combos with chocolate milkshakes and one small soda for a total of about $14 and change. The wait was a too long, the staff forgot our milkshakes, asked if I ordered chocolate or strawberrey and then walked off. I was ignored at the counter for several minutes before someone finally asked what I needed and started to make the milkshakes.. It’s the second day of operation, and they were busy so that’s understandable. The food was good. The burger was somewhat puny, although fresh. The fries were very good, but somewhat cold by the time I actually got the food. The milkshakes were also small, but tasty.

Overall, I think the food was excellent, but small. The service was marginal and the prices were high. Like so many restaurants that have opened in Greeley recently, Blue 9 Burger did not make a good first impression – and sometimes a good first impression is all you get to make. Personally, I can’t see paying $14.00 for a fast food lunch for two. Maybe this New York company should make some adjustments for a Colorado ecoomy.

Food – 5
Service – 3
Location – 7
Cost – 2

Overall – 5

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Coyote’s Southwestern Grill
5250 W 9 Street Dr., Greeley, CO, 80634

Coyote’s Southwestern Grill fits a nice niche in the Greeley area. It’s somewhat upscale, but still casual enough to be comfortable. Personally it is one of my favorite spots for some after work relaxation – the Margaritas are excellent. The food itself is good, but not spectacular, and the pricing can be more than I would pay. I would strongly recommend Coyote’s for drinks, appetizers and socializing. If you are after great southwestern food try El Pueblito, Albertos or Tio Juan’s.

Food – 5
Beverages – 9
Service – 7
Location – 7
Cost – 4

Overall – 7

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The New Plantation Restaurant & Lounge

3520 S. 11th, Evans, CO, 80620

Comments: The cajun boil at the New Plantation is EXCELLENT. Well worth the price. Plus there’s something fun about the food being spread on the table and eating with your hands.
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Cable’s End Italian Grille

3780 W 10 St., Greeley, CO, 80634

Food – ***
Service – ***
Location – *****
Cost – **

Comments: Cable’s End has a beautiful dining room with a large fireplace, subdued lighting and very nice decor.

Update: Even though I wasn’t a big patron, I was sad to see Cable’s sell out to the EVIL Walgreens (who would have ever thought we would have a plauge of drugstores on our hands). In 2004 Walgreens decided to build three (yes three) new stores in the Greeley area. One of the casualties was Cable’s End and Bittersweet twin theatres. I believe Greeley now has more Walgreens than movie theatres. How sad.

Update – 2008: Cables has since built a new restaurant off 20th street and 59th ave. Check it out.

Coraggio’s Family Italian Restaurant
3620 35th Avenue
Evans, Colorado 80620
Phone: (970) 330-3155
Food – 8
Service – 7
Location – 5
Cost – 6

Coraggio’s Family Italian Restaurant is about as close as Greeley gets to upscale Italian dining. They even have a wine list. I went to Coraggio’s with my family for dinner recently. The service was good and the food was very good. The only thing downside to the whole experience was it’s strip mall location. It’s probably illogical, but I have a difficult time spending too much money on a place that doesn’t even have it’s own building. Kind of takes away from the whole experience.

While it’s no Maggiano’s, Coraggio’s is the best Italian dining experience in 20 or so miles. It’s definitely worth a trip.

Have you been there? Rate Coraggio’s at

2605 W 11 Street Rd., Greeley, CO, 80634

Alberto’s Express
5415 W 11 Greeley, CO 80634-4619

Food – *****
Service – ***
Location – ****
Cost – ****

Comments: The sign over the door reads “Hottest Green Chili in Town”, and it is the truth. Alberto’s is not for the faint of heart, but if you like your mexican food spicy, this is the place for you. Also, in the morning pick up a breakfast burrito. They are absolutely devine.

El Charro
2109 9th., Greeley, CO, 80631

The Armadillo
111 S 1, La Salle, CO, 80645

The Armadillo
819 9 St., Greeley, CO, 80631

Food – **
Service – ***
Location – ****
Cost – ***

Comments: The Armadillo has spread throughout Northern Colorado with locations in La Salle, Greeley, Fort Collins and Longmont. The restaraunts are always clean and nicely decorated. The food is average, much more bland that what I expece out of Mexican food in Greeley.

Cazadores Mexican Grill & Cantina
2140 35 AVE GREELEY, CO 80634

Up scale mexican restaurant with patio, banquet facilities and cantina. Westside location

The Paragon Family Restaurant
2725 W. 10th St., Greeley, CO, 80634

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