Stupid Google Tricks

Fun things to do with Google
It’s amazing to me how many different little options you can get out of google.

Stock Quotes
Not sure this is exactly a quote, but appearantly Google supports a “stock” search field operator. Try it, just type “stock:goog” in the search field and see what comes up. Looks to me like just “stock goog” works better, but interesting none the less.

Search Titles
Want to look for names in web page titles? Type this into the google search:


Search Anchors
Google has another search called allinanchor. This will search to find pages that have specific keywords somewhere in the anchor text of the links to them. Type this into google search as an example


Search for links
Want to see how many links to your website google has on record? Use the link parameter in your search. Go to google and type this into the search field:

You will get a list of all the links google knows about to this site.

List pages that are indexed
Another handy thing you can do with google is find out how many pages on your site have been indexed. This is done with the site parameter. Type this into the google search:

You will see a list of all the pages on this site that google’s robots have found and indexed.

Search for specific file format
If you include filetype:suffix in your query, Google will restrict the results to pages whose names end in suffix.

For example, [ google search engine optimization filetype:pdf ] will return Adobe Acrobat pdf files that match the terms “google”, “search”, “engine” and “optimization”. The results can be restricted to pages whose names end with pdf and doc by using the OR operator, e.g. [ email security filetype:pdf OR filetype:doc ].

When a File Format is not specified, Google searches a variety of file formats.

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