Did Flash Steal The Walking Dead Theme Song

Seems everyone is copying their music from someone else these days. Robin Thicke is in court defending his song Blurred Lines against allegations that it’s just a rip off of Marvin Gaye. Madonna is concerned that Lady Gaga’s Born This Way was a little too close to Express Yourself. Post Modern Jukebox gets copied by artists on the Voice UK. Where is the line between artistic expression and plagiarism.

This week I noticed another similarity between two theme songs.

New spinoff from Arrow for the 2014-2015 show The Flash has a remarkably similar theme song to The Walking Dead. The biggest difference is the tempo, but the signature string melody is very similar.

Here, listen for yourself:

What’s going on here? Was the composer for The Flash inspired by The Walking Dead?

Both series are based on comic books, but from different studios, so it seems unlikely that this would be some kind of backroom deal. If not, DC Comics, The Flash and the CW may be in trouble with AMC and Robert Kirkman…

Rock and Roll Cartoon From the 80s

Anyone else remember this animated musical adventure from 1984? I was 12 years old and remember watching Kidd Video. Pop music, cute girls, workout gear on a fairy, pretty awesome.

Amazingly, not only is Kidd Video not forgotten, but there’s a pretty good website dedicated to the show.

A couple years ago Whiz (Robbie Rist) and Carla (Gabriele Rozzi) got together for a song

Rosie Pope – Pregnant in Heels

If you haven’t heard of this show, DON’T WATCH IT. I found a random link that sent me to this show on Hulu. I would review it, but I would rather quote from this review by Ken Levine

Bravo’s PREGNANT IN HEELS — Oh my f-ing God!

The show centers around Rosie Pope, a willowy opportunist who calls herself a “Maternity Concierge” to the “million dollar mamas” of New York’s Upper East Side. These rich sheep now have consultants for everything. I imagine these self-proclaimed experts are selected by which cable network their reality show is on.

Read the rest of his review, it’s brilliant.

UNC Bears Play in NCAA Tournament Today at 2:40pm in Tuscon

Today is the big day. Today the University of Northern Colorado Bears face off against the San Diego State Aztecs at 2:40pm Mountain Time in Tuscon Arizona. The game will be televised on TNT. I, unfortunately, have a meeting scheduled, so I will have to put it on the DVR. Don’t tell me who won.

Update: The Bears fell to the Aztecs 50-68. The Bears played well, and should be proud of their season. Congratulations to the team!!!

Hawaii 5-0 – Grace Park gets to “Bing It” with her Windows 7 phone

If you have seen the 2010 reincarnation of Hawaii 5-0 you know that it’s really just a big commercial. The Chevy Camaro product placement is over the top obvious. Each episode is like a Super Bowl commercial for GM.

I have no problem with this. Since, like many of you, I primarily use my Tivo to watch TV, I don’t pay much attention to commercials these days. If product placement helps CBS pay the bills, I say go for it.

The thing that was amusing about this week’s episode was Microsoft’s attempt at genericizing their trademark by writing a line for Grace Park that uses “bing” as a verb.

The funny thing about this is it’s absurdity. It would have been so much more natural if Chin had told Kono to “google it” on Bing…

New girl at The Office – Ellie Kemper

If you are a fan of “The Office” and didn’t see last night’s episodes, warning, there might be spoilers.

ellie-kemperIf you did see last night’s episode, you noticed we have a new receptionist. Yes, Pam quit her job to join the Michael Scott Paper Company. Of course Dunder Mifflen’s Scranton Branch can’t do without a receptionist (or a new love interest for Dwight and Andy) so Kelly “Erin” Hannon, played by Ellie Kemper, has been hired to replace Beasley.

Ellie Kemper has a history in comedy including performing with the Upright Citizens Brigade and writing for the Onion, so she may be more than just a temp. Based on her performance in last night’s episodes, I think she will be a great addition to the cast.

Terminator – Dumbest hero ever?

I’ve been watching Teminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and I must say, the writing has been suffering this year. Don’t get me wrong, the overall story is great, the effects are awesome and Summer Glau does such a stellar job as a Terminator that hs been sent back in time to protect John Connor. The problem I have is with the two main characters, Sarah Connor and John Connor.

After watching this, it’s no wonder the rest of the world is thinks America is full of morons. In the series John is in high schools (16). The major storyline seems to be centered around John’s inability to listen to his mother, and Sarah’s inability to control her son on any level. I’m continually amazed that John can’t seem to understand that scary future robots are trying to KILL him. He constantly runs off by himself, doesn’t follow protocol on predetermined code words and is generally a moron. I’m also flabergastted that Sarah is doing such a poor job of preparing John to be the savior of the human race. She communicates poorly with him, not telling him when he is actually in danger which prompts him to run around and do dangerous things. She also isolates him from all other human contact, not really a great method to train him for his future role as leader of the human resistance.

Fortunately the enemy Terminators also seem to be equally incompetent by encorporating elaborate plans (inspiried, I’m sure, from vintage Batman TV Villans) to stop the Connors, rather than going for a straightforward well planned approach. Appearantly the all knowing Skynet doesn’t need tactical ability in it’s drones.

If the writing doesn’t get better soon, I may drop this off my Tivo schedule…

The Office – My apartment is flooding

Last night marked the return of The Office.

Honestly, I’ve got to hand it to the writers of the show. This was one of the funniest episodes yet. I particularly like the dynamic with Jim and Pam. As we all know, two main characters hooking up often kills the show. The sexual tension drains out and takes most of the comedy with it. Not so with The Office. I think Jim and Pam are funnier and better as a couple than they were individually.

The best scene in last night’s show was when Jim tried to fake a call from his landlord, ditch Michael’s dinner party and ultimately ditch Pam:

Jim Halpert: You’ll never guess. I just got a message from my landlord. Apparently my apartment flooded. Something with the sprinklers.

Jan: Oh no!

Jim Halpert: Pam we should probably get going to see the damage.

Michael Scott: Well you don’t need two of you to do that.

Jim Halpert: [pause] That’s… true, um. [pause] Dinner sounded delicious. Pam, see you at home? Thank you so much.

Pam Beesly: Oh Jim I don’t think you’re going to abandon this party here all by itself.

Jim Halpert: No, ’cause everything I own is there.

Pam Beesly: You can buy new stuff but you can’t buy a new party!

Michael Scott: That’s true! That is a great point. Come on down here. Sit down, on the couch. We’re your friends and we’re not going to let you think about all your stuff being destroyed alright?

Wish I could find a youtube clip of that scene, it was classic. The look on Jim’s (John Krasinski) face when he decided to bail on Pam (Jenna Fischer) was classic. Her comeback was even better. “You can buy new stuff, but you can’t buy a new party!” is going to be a catch phrase for a long time.

If you want to read more quotes from last night shows, www.theofficequotes.com is a site dedicated to just that.