Terminator – Dumbest hero ever?

I’ve been watching Teminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and I must say, the writing has been suffering this year. Don’t get me wrong, the overall story is great, the effects are awesome and Summer Glau does such a stellar job as a Terminator that hs been sent back in time to protect John Connor. The problem I have is with the two main characters, Sarah Connor and John Connor.

After watching this, it’s no wonder the rest of the world is thinks America is full of morons. In the series John is in high schools (16). The major storyline seems to be centered around John’s inability to listen to his mother, and Sarah’s inability to control her son on any level. I’m continually amazed that John can’t seem to understand that scary future robots are trying to KILL him. He constantly runs off by himself, doesn’t follow protocol on predetermined code words and is generally a moron. I’m also flabergastted that Sarah is doing such a poor job of preparing John to be the savior of the human race. She communicates poorly with him, not telling him when he is actually in danger which prompts him to run around and do dangerous things. She also isolates him from all other human contact, not really a great method to train him for his future role as leader of the human resistance.

Fortunately the enemy Terminators also seem to be equally incompetent by encorporating elaborate plans (inspiried, I’m sure, from vintage Batman TV Villans) to stop the Connors, rather than going for a straightforward well planned approach. Appearantly the all knowing Skynet doesn’t need tactical ability in it’s drones.

If the writing doesn’t get better soon, I may drop this off my Tivo schedule…