Santa’s Butt

Santa's Butt Beer

Massachusets beer importer, Shelton Brothers, is getting heat for importing Santa's Butt beer from England. The Blue State liberals in Maine have banned the holiday brew because “The label with Santa might appeal to children”.

Shelton Brothers have a great blog with several very interesting posts about the violations of their 1st Amendment rights and their reasons for fighting the ban.

The thing that just floors me about this issue is the groups who are fighting the ban. These aren't fundamental Christians from the Bible Belt fighting the exploitation of Christmas. No, this stems for the liberal New Englanders who constantly deride the conservatives in this country for their 'think of the children' approach to politics. Turns out the liberals are no better than the conservatives – everyone wants to trample the 1st Amendment at the earliest possible opportunity.

What is with this country? Seems like every time you turn around somebody is banning something – next thing you know we'll be having book burnings in the town square.

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