Music Pick of the Week – Sleepthief

Anyone who knows me, probably won’t be able to tell you what kind of music I like. My tastes are across the spectrum, and I won’t bother to try and pigeonhole myself to any particular genre(s), styles or artists. I know what I like and when I find something good I listen to it.

That brings us to my first Music Pick of the Week. I regularly listen to a podcast named Coverville. Coverville is a show dedictated to cover songs (wouldn’t have guessed that). The great thing about Coverville is the host, Brian, plays such a diverse selection of music from many different kinds of artists.

One of the artists Brian played recently goes by the name Sleepthief. I’m not sure what they officially would like to be designated, but to me they sound like a kind of Celtic Trip Hop. I’ll leave you to your own conclusions, bottom line, I thought they were great.

For more information you should listen to Coverville 216: Tonight, your chauffeur belongs to me, Shifted Sound Podcast 16 or just visit the Sleepthief Website.