Stupid Global Warming

Global Warming. It’s the hot buzzword these days. Between Al Gore’s movie, the price of gas and the scientists testifying in Congress it’s all you hear.

Funny thing though, wouldn’t have thought Global Warming would make it COLDER. Yet here I am, on the 8th of July 2006, in a Colorado summer and it’s 69 degrees and raining. Not even the afternoon thunderstorm raining we typically get, no, it’s a November drizzle. If it was 20 degrees colder it would be snowing.

Anyone who has ever spent any time on the Colorado Front Range could tell you we have two kinds of weather. Warm and dry in the summer, cold and dry in the winter. A normal summer day consists of beautiful morning, temperatures rising into the 90s in the after noon and a thunderstorm about 4:00pm. I heard somewhere that we have more sunny days in Colorado than they do in Florida, The Sunshine State.

This summer, has not quite been so predictable. We started out in April and May with scorching temperatures (for the time of year), but by mid June it started cooling off. The 4th of July sky looked like a December snowstorm. I’m sure my localized observations are not indicative of planet wide climate change, but I definitely don’t think the whole global warming bit is living up to it’s name.