Want to sign my YearBook?

An interesting article yesterday on students that are rejecting traditional yearbooks for online alternatives. MyYearBook.com is one of the leading websites offering an alternative to printed yearbooks.

In my opinion this is a wonderful idea – and an idea who’s time has come. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. The article quotes Rich Stoebe, director of communications for Jostens Inc. as saying

After all, will anyone want to haul a laptop to the 25th class reunion? And what happens if the technology changes, or something happens to the dot-com?

I had to chuckle when I read this. Currently I can buy a laptop that’s not much bigger than my high school yearbook. I can’t imagine that in 25 years everyone won’t have a device that is much smaller and impressive. This appears to just be another corporate case of burying your head in the sand. Jostens stands to lose their $348 million dollar empire to a couple of high school kids that put up a website on a whim all because they fail to embrace technology.