Put Mom in a Closet

5 steps to make your own ‘Mom Cave’

Mom Cave in a ClosetMom gets a Closet for her 'Cave'

Man Cave’s have been popular for several years now. A man gets a garage, basement or spare room with a big screen TV and Kegerator to while away his spare hours. Mom, on the other hand, has been neglected… until now.

Now, with a little help from Yahoo, Mom get’s her very own Closet. That’s right, while Dad is in his ultra cool cave with a $5,000 projector, sipping a cold beverage, Mom is typing away at her laptop paying bills in a CLOSET.

“A ‘Mom Cave’ can be anywhere from an unused closet to a guest room,” says Sforza. “You can also carve out space in a corner of an attic or a bedroom.” While your close quarters may seem claustrophobic, choosing a windowed area will help open up the space. “If a window isn’t available, hang a few mirrors,” suggest Sforza. “It’ll bounce light around and give the illusion of more space.”

The only problem is, I’m not sure what Mom’s going to do when Dad needs someplace to hang his new Carhartt…