Music Pick of the Week – West End Girls

Ever since my friend Dave introduced me to the Pet Shop Boys back in college, they have been one of my favorite bands of all time. This would probably surprise some of the people who know me, since they aren’t exactly the kind of redneck music you might think I listen to, but anyone that reads my music picks will probably understand.

The great mix of witty lyrics, Neil Tennant’s vocals and the great electronic sound that the Pet Shop Boys pioneered has always appealed to me.

Earlier this week, Brian Ibbott of Coverville, did a review of Goes Petshopping by the West End Girls. Swedish West End Girls are a cover band, taking their name from the Pet Shop Boys biggest hit. Being a fan of both the original band, covers, electronica and female vocals, this was a no-brainer choice for me.

After listening to the album, I found it interesting how a band in the same overall genre could have such a different sound than the original. The tracks are definitely more upbeat dance music, and lose much of the darkness of the original. West End Girls have made these recordings even more dynamic. The sirens in West End Girls, the clock ticking in Jealosy are a great touches and at times Rent borders on being orchestral. The feeling is almost overwhelming, an amazing achievement considering that the originals weren’t exactly stripped down.

This rendition of some great Pet Shop Boys tunes is amazingly well done and a great addition to the collection of any fan of vintage electronic music. I would highly recommend Goes Petshopping