Music Pick of the Week: Rooney

It’s interesting to me what “Alternative” or “Modern Rock” has become these days. I don’t listen to “Pop” radio much these days, just can’t take the Fergie, Kanye West, or Taylor Swifts of the world. Interestingly the hip hop, R&B and other music types that have taken over the pop charts in the last decade or two has forced much of the “power pop” type acts to the “Modern Rock” genre.

I say all of that to introduce this week’s Music Pick, Rooney. Rooney’s single, “When Did Your Heart Go Missing?” is currently getting airplay on the local Denver “Modern Rock” radio station. While I appreciate the introduction, this California band is much more influenced by 80’s power pop than anything that has been in the alt music scene in the last 10 years.

“When Did Your Heart Go Missing?” sounds like it just fell off the sound track to a John Hughes movie, even down to the semi cheesey voice-over last verse:

Things were so good
We had a little dream
A little dream together
Buy a house, settle down, do our thing
But you disappeared on me
And your heart, your heart went missin’…

I suggest you just watch the video for yourself and let me know what you think.