Holiday Display Task Force

Larimer County Sherriff, Jim Alderden, took a shot at political correctness and liberal troublemakers in his weekly Bull’s-Eye column.

Appearantly there has been some controversy in the last few years about a Menorah being allowed in Christmas decorations. To solve this ‘complicated’ problem, the city of Fort Collins has created a Holiday Display Task Force. The Task Force has announced that the city can’t put up any decorations that might have religious meaning, including Red Bows, Stars and Christmas Trees.

Seems like many are up in arms about this nonsense. One of these is Sherriff Alderden who has thrown down the gauntlet!

Most of the members of the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office are Christians and celebrate Christmas. We pray for the continued safety of our brothers and sisters in blue, and recognize that the laws we are sworn to uphold have their very foundation in the laws laid down by God through Moses. Our criminal codes are based on Judaic Christian doctrine. To deny that by restricting symbols of Christian faith on public property is beyond the pale. In recognition and celebration of Christmas, members of the LCSO will be ing a Christmas tree – not a holiday tree – on our front lawn at 2501 Midpoint Drive. We will be decorating the tree on December 1 at 10:00 a.m. and invite members of the public who share our faith or object to government intrusion into our religious freedoms to join us.

Good for him, finally time we had someone stand up to these Scrooges!