Cover girl

Model Veronica Varekova is upset about Maxim magzine using her photo on their cover. Maxim licensed the photo from Corbis Outline for use in their magazine but did not have Ms. Varekova’s permission to use it on the cover. Veronica has consistently turned down covers of men’s magazines, and is upset Maxim put her on the cover without telling her.

I am a Maxim subscriber, and when I recieved this month’s magazine I knew something funny was up with the article on Veronica Varekova. Anyone familiar with Maxim knows that they typically do a large interview with their cover girls, generally several pages of Q&A. The article on Veronica had about 5 quotes scattered through the layout. No Q&A and the same content was repeated twice in the article. It was fairly obvious that either Veronica was really dull (which is doubtful since she’s trilingual and has two degrees) or she never actually did a photo shoot/interview with Maxim.

My guess is this is all a publicity stunt for Maxim. They figure the ‘exposure’ will be worth the lawsuit.