Bow To Allah

Ok, one last comment on the whole Pope/Muslim thing. I found a couple very astute comments that really bring up a great point that I overlooked.

This isn’t about getting the Pope to realize he was wrong, or to realize he hurt Muslims’ feelings. It’s about making the world’s most prominent Christian leader appear subservient to Islam.

For more evidence of this look at this picture.

Classic Islamic law stipulates that Christians may live in peace in Islamic societies as long as they accept second-class status as dhimmis, which involves living within certain limits: not holding authority over Muslims, paying the jizya tax, not building new churches or repairing old ones, and…not insulting Allah or Muhammad. If they believe that a Christian has insulted them in some way, even inadvertently, his contract of protection — dhimma — is voided.

I know I REFUSE to be any of those freak’s dhimma.