California sues carmakers

In the most insane news of the day the State of California is suing automakers for Global Warming.

This is actually an interesting case. California is going to have to convince a jury that

  1. Global Warming actually is occurring
  2. Greenhouse gasses are causing global warming
  3. Automakers are responsible for these greenhous gasses

This should really bring the global warming to the forefront – what do you want to bet that automakers can find (buy) scientists that dispute global warming alltogether thus disputing the idea that there is a consensus in the scientific community on the subject.

Personally, I think we should all get together and sue the State of California for global warming since they have

  • Allowed drivers to drive too fast and not enforced traffic laws causeing vehicles to burn excess fuel
  • Created bigger roads to encourage more driving than needed
  • Provided it’s citizens with inadequate public transportation forcing them to drive their cars
  • Allowed businesses and residences to run air conditioning which uses power causing greenhouse gasses from coal-fired power plants

In fact, should also have a lawsuit against the Sierra Club, Greenpeace and other environmental organizations for blocking US production of Nuclear power plants. If they had not done so, cheap electricity would have promoted the widespread use of electric cars.