Beer and Popcorn

Nextnc has an article about the decline of movie attendance in the US. One of the tactics theatre are using to pull people back in is to serve alcoholic beverages. Now here is an idea who’s time has come. Having beer in a movie theatre should send attendence through the roof. Think about it, now, when your significant other asks you to take her to see that romantic comedy what she’s really offering is her services as a DD. How much better is the latest Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson or Jessica Simpson movie going to be when you have 3 or 4 Buds in you?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Bob, I don’t drink. How does this help me”. The other great benefit of having alcohol in the theater is the entertainment value of the drunks. Currently I rarely go to the theater. Who wants to pay $9.00 to go see poor acting, a poor plot and have to listen to some schub behind you yammer for two hours. I can get that for free at my brother-in-law’s HOME theater. Once the beer in the theater is widely available, a few well placed popcorn tosses will be enough to start a cinematic brawl.

This wll make a great mastercard commercial

Movie – $10
Beer – $14
Getting hauled away by the cops while your whole family watches – Priceless

It just makes me happy to see the movie industry do something. Instead of addressing real problems like poor quality films, high prices (both at the ticket counter and the concession stands), cheesey commercials (that I just paid $10 to watch) and noisy theaters they focus on things like beer and wine or reserved seating. How inventive of them.