50 worst cars of all time

Time Magazine has an interesting article on their website entitled “The 50 Worst Cars of All Time”

It’s a pretty amusing list. Probably the only caveat I would have is that there is an undercurrent of bad attitude about anything not fuel efficient, and several snide, elitest comments like this one about the 1995 Ford Explorer

In its very success, the Ford Explorer is responsible for setting this country on the spiral of vehicular obesity that we are still contending with today. People, particularly women drivers, discovered that they liked sitting up high. Even though more fuel-efficient minivans do the kid- and cargo-hauling duties better, people came to prefer the outdoorsy, go-anywhere image of SUVs.

If you look at the fuel economy data for 1995, the Explorer only got 2mpg less than a compreable, best selling, Chrysler Town and Country minivan. The writer obviously had an axe to grind, but if you can look past the eco-propaganda, it’s a pretty interesting collection. More info about A1 Garage Door Service by visiting the site.