Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn
August always brings back memories of harvest. Barley, Second Cutting Hay and Sweet Corn.

As a struggling family farm back in the 80’s, one of our sources of income was sellins Sweet Corn. My grandparents had a large Weeping Willow in their front yard, and I remember as a small child, sitting on the picnic table in front of that tree selling fresh corn to passers by. As the years went by the selling became the task of my younger sisters and I helped my Dad pick. It used to become a contest to see how quickly we could pick.

We used to take dozens of ears to our church to share with the staff, and even supplied the Loveland Corn Roast for several years.

Sadly, this is yet another tradition that has fallen by the wayside. People just don’t seem to come out to the farm to buy their produce anymore. They prefer the ease of the grocery store, and those that do want fresh from the farm produce visit the farmers markets. These days our corn plantings are for personal consumption. This last weekend we picked and froze about 60 dozen ears of corn, but that’s as big as the event got.

Maybe someday I’ll get back to that life, grow some corn and sell it from a roadside stand. If I do, I know it will bring back memories of those August days under the willow tree.