Stack Overflow and Joel Spolsky’s Fog Creek Software Management Training Program Reading List

I’m a big podcast fan. Originally, I was mostly into music podcasts like the amazing Coverville and the excellent Shifted Sound. Over the last few months I’ve been shifting to speculative fiction podcasts and postcast novels (podiobooks – in spite of my issues with the name). What I haven’t found, until recently, was a good tech podcast. Tech podcasts are either boring, or just fixated on very narrow topics. Stack Overflow is neither.

The legendary Joel Spolsky and the brilliant Jeff Atwood have a great on mic chemistry, and their discussions cover a broad spectrum of tech subjects, from a software, hardware and business perspective.

The most recent podcast discusses the Fog Creek Software Management Training Program Reading List used for management interns at Spolsky’s Fog Creek Software. I have found the reading list to be a great resource for some time, but it is great to hear Joel and Jeff’s opinions on many of the volumes and recommendations on the best ones to read.

If you are in the tech industry, I highly recommend the Stack Overflow podcast, and suggest looking at the reading list. There are some great resources there.