Satellite Radio Thieves

Five years ago, when I bought my car, it needed a sound system. I looked at traditional radio/CD players, but being a vintage ride I didn’t want to hack up the dash to install something like that. My solution? A sirius satellite radio.

Sportster Radio

I had my original reciever for a couple years and then decided to upgrade to the Sporster model. Installed it and purchased and additional kit so I could move it between vehicles. Part of my reasoning when I first purchased the satellite radio was the lack of theft. The reciever was only about $100, plus it won’t work without a subscription, so there isn’t really any reason to steal one. This logic worked great for me, until yesterday.

Radio Gone

I got in my car to head to a meeting and my radio was gone. Some MORON had stolen it out of the car. As I said, this radio is at least two years old, a discontinued model ( I couldn’t even find one for sale on ebay). The thief didn’t take the power supply or antenna so the unit was unusable, plus I suspended the account. Even if it was connected, it won’t ever work – unless I re-enable it on my account.

Basically the thief got away with a WORTHLESS piece of electronics, and I’m going to have to pay $70 for a new radio. Really, this pretty much just an act of vandalism. I almost feel sorry for the thief. The punk kid (I can only assume it was a kid) that stole my radio risked bodily injury and criminal charges to steal something with virtually no value. Why bother? I’ve never really understood the motivations for theft anyway, but theft without any kind of reward is just dumb.