Microwaves, Alarm Clocks and Coffee Makers

OK, I have a rant that I’ve just got to spout off about.

What is wrong with product manufacturers these days? A few months ago I purchased a new alarm clock. My old one was really bright, and I wanted something that just dimmed more. First off, I was annoyed that you can’t really buy anything fun or classy for an alarm clock. There seem to be two grades, $15 Walmart specials and $300 fancy European alarm clocks. Nothing in between, but that’s not my point.

I bought this alarm clock, RCA or something. Had most of the features I wanted, even if it is kind of ugly. $15 bucks. I plugged it in, and it automatically set the time for me! How cool is that? Not that this is knew technology, but I think it’s the first alarm clock I’ve had that just picked up the NIST signal and set itself.

While the Alarm Clock is great, I also acquired two other home appliances recently. An over the range Microwave and a Coffeemaker. Both of these items were much more expensive than the Alarm Clock, and both have digital clocks, but guess what. Neither sets themselves. So if the power goes out I have to reset the stupid clocks. What is this? 1983?