I predict – 2008 part III

Playoffs are almost over, one game to go, the SUPER BOWL.

So far, I’m 3-3 in the games I’ve picked. So who’s my favorite for Sunday’s championship game?

Of course, I’m picking the New York Giants (or anybody but the Patriots).

I sincerely think that Eli’s team can win. Will they? I guess we will find out. This game has been analyzed more than any in recent memory, so you can read the opinions elsewhere.

One comment I do want to make about this year’s New England Patriots. In spite of their record, their accomplishments, their multiple titles, in spite of everything they have accomplished, they are NOT the greatest team to ever play the game of football.

Why do I say such a thing? It’s simple, there is NO greatest team in the game of football. The 2007 Pats are one of the greats, but they are a product of their time. They are the greatest team of this year, and I don’t doubt they could beat most historically great teams in history if you could magically move said team to 2007 and make them play be 2007 rules with 2007 technology. This does not mean the 07 Pats could beat those same teams on their home turf. Take away Free Agency, Salary Caps, Replay Officials, Two Point Conversions, K Balls, Radio Headsets and any number of other modern additions to the game and the Pats as we know them wouldn’t even exist, let alone dominate.

We all just need to stop racking our brains and discussing who is the greatest of all time, and just experience the moment. Like the Patriots or not, this year has been a legendary season when many records have been broken. We will all be telling our children or grandchildren about this Sunday’s game – either because the Pats went undefeated, or because they almost did and went down in flames to the Giants.