Creating Homemade “Magic Shell” Ice Cream Topping

My family and I LOVE “Magic Shell” (Really, who wouldn’t), but it’s always ridiculously expensive. The 7.25 oz bottles at the store are generally $3+. Even on Amazon a Smucker’s Magic Shell Ice Cream Topping, Chocolate Fudge, 7.25-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12) works out to $1.85 each, not a bad price, but still expensive for .9 cups for product.

For a while I have wanted to make my own, primarily due to the price, but also so I could experiment with different flavors. I did some searches and I found a recipe on the Brownie Points blog.

Poe’s basic recipe is to simply melt together coconut oil (1 cup) and eating chocolate (1 – 2 cups), adding more chocolate than coconut oil.
At home, I found the following weights to work well for measuring out the ingredients for the Magic Shell recipe:

* 150 g finely chopped eating chocolate
* 100 g of refined coconut oil*
* pinch of salt

* I feel that using a touch of unrefined virgin coconut oil helps aid in the elusive “fake” flavor that store bought Magic Shell imparts.
If you really want to go the nostalgia route, try out 80 g refined coconut oil + 20 g unrefined virgin coconut oil.

There was only one problem. There wasn’t any reasonably priced coconut oil (refined or virgin) available at any local stores. That was until yesterday.

During a shopping trip to the local King Soopers I spotted a 31.5 oz (3.9 cups) jar of pure Coconut Oil for $6.49. This was purchased along with a package of 62% Cacao chunks (about 2 cups) for $2.99. Combining these ingredients, it looks like “Magic Shell” can be made for $2.84 per cup. Hmm… well at least I can still experiment.

So, last night, after all these wacky purchases, I whipped up a batch and poured it into a left over squeeze bottle. We’ll try it tonight during the Brocons vs. Chargers Monday Night Football game and see how it goes.