Colorado Blizzard of 2006

I'm sure the whole world has heard about the Colorado Blizzard of 2006.

2006 Colorado Blizzard

This is the biggest storm we've had here in years. There is a common misconception that the Colorado Front Range gets a lot of snow. I used to work tech support for a tax product and many of our customers were from New York. It was not uncommon for our East Coast customers to assume that just because I lived in Colorado we were constantly under snow, when in fact the opposite is true. Denver has 300 days of sunshine annually – more than most places in the United States including the so called Sunshine State. Most of the time it was nicer where I live than it was in New York City.

This misconception was capitalized during this week's blizzard when a news report interviewed a Honolulu man stranded at Denver International Airport who was angry at being stranded due to Denver's inability to adequately deal with the blizzard. His comment, 'Don't they know it snows in Colorado?' Snows on the Colorado front range are inconsistent, often years go by without a significant snowstorm. It's inpractical from a fiscal standpoint to have a large snow removal budget on the off chance that a major snowstorm is going to roll through.

This week's blizzard has turned out well for me. I ended up being snowed in for a day and a half and my boss offered to let me take a vacation day today on short notice. I don't have to go back to work until after Christmas.

This is by far the biggest storm I've seen in a long time. About 7-8 years ago we had a good storm – I remember driving my Jeep Cherokee around in snow up to the bumper. This is definitely this biggest storm since then. I'm sure it's all because of Global Warming.

I've posted some pictures of the day of the storm. I'll take my camera while I drive around today and add some pictures.