Ballistic missiles are about as passe as e-mail

I love it when we see government and military officials make ridiculously absurd statements. In an article today on the obsolescence of the US missle defence system. In it he compares the out-datedness of ballistic missles with that of e-mail.

Marine General James Cartwright told an audience invested in missile-defense that the bad guys have already abandoned the notion of shooting ballistic missiles toward the United States. “Ballistic missiles are about as passe as e-mail,” said Cartwright, who before becoming the nation’s No. 2 military officer headed U.S. Strategic Command, which grapples with these issues. “Nobody does it anymore. Okay? It’s just gone.”

So nobody sends e-mail anymore? e-mail is passe? Wow, somebody should have told the thousands of people that e-mail me every day. I’m glad General Cartwright let me know – I might have continued to use it.

Fortunately, now we all know, so throw away those Blackberry’s, cancel your Gmail account and stop living in the past.