A Kinder, Gentler Bill Belichick

Just got done watching the awesome Jets, Patriots game. It was an appropriate battle between two excellent teams fighting for first place in their division.

Now, I’m no fan of the Patriots – mainly for one reason, their attitude. Last year, on their phenomenal run at an undefeated season, they were cocky and angry. Belichick’s coaching was ruthless and classless, culminating is his refusal to shake Tom Coughlin’s hand at the end of their Super Bowl loss.

Interestingly, it almost seems to me that maybe that loss was a gut check for Belichick. This year he has been much more businesslike, much less emotional, better dressed and all around more likable. Is this a new Belichick? Did he turn over a new leaf? Was the Super Bowl loss to the Giants a wake up call reminding him of his philosophies that made him a winning coach to start with? Did he realize that attitude makes winners and pride makes losers? I would love to hear your thoughts.