Insufficient Postage

As far as I’m concerned, the United States Postal Service serves two purposes.

The first is to deliver my monthly water bill to the city of Greeley.

The second is as a secondary delivery service for online vendors and ebay shippers that don’t use Fed-Ex or UPS.

As a result I don’t buy many stamps. With the postal rate CONSTANTLY changing, this sometimes is a problem.

Recently I had to send a personal letter, payment for some candles I ordered from my good friend Marti Jo (I know, candles aren’t very manly, but thats another story).

When I sent this letter I used some stamps I had that were clearly marked “First Class’. A few days later I recieved my letter back marked “Additional Postage Required”.

Additional Postage Required

Additional Postage Required???? I sent first class letter, the stamp was clearly marked “First Class”, why didn’t they honor this stamp???

I know, I know, they raised the rates here recently, but as a none postal employee I’m not really up on the postage rates.

OK, fine, so I go to the post office to buy some 1 cent (2 cent, whatever) stamps so I can use my previous stamps, that I am assuming are the 39 cent variety. Of course, their automated machine that sells stamps doesn’t show anything small denomination.

So, I have to either go to the post office, stand in line, and buy a dollar’s worth of 1 cent stamps, or just use some old 34 centers I already have.

Bottom line, it cost me 63 cents to send that letter to Iowa, all because the post office wouldn’t deliver the letter with my First Class stamp…