Stupid Daylight Savings Time

There are probably thousands (maybe millions) of posts today complaining about this, but I'm going to say it anyway.

I HATE Daylight Savings Time. Actually, it's not the DST that I hate as much as it is the TIME CHANGE. Not everyone has this problem, but I'm screwed up for at least a week after the spring change. Losing that hour out of my life is hard on my schedule.

My favorite thing about the whole time change is the idiocy of it all. We don't get 'an extra hour of daylight'. The amount of daylight is the same yesterday as it is today (except for the 30 seconds we gain going in to summer). The whole thing is just a nationwide gimmick used to trick us into going to bed an hour earlier and getting up an hour earlier. How dumb is that.

We save energy at the cost of thousands of hours of lost productivity due to sleep schedules being screwed up. Then in the fall, when we could really use the 'extra hour of light', they take it back. Why? 'Because of the children' who can't go to school in the dark.

The whole thing is just ridiculous and makes me irritable. I'm going to keep complaining until somebody puts a stop to the nonsense!