The Finest is for sale

The Finest music stores are for sale. The Finest, which has been in business for over 35 years, has suffered a severe decline in business and owner Jim Risser is looking to sell.

Personally, I find this yet another blow to my lost youth. While I am one of the guilty parties, and haven’t purchased anything from The Finest in some time, I still have fond memories. My first experience with The Finest was back at Milliken Middle School. When we took field trips, or went to other events, they were often held at UNC. The most convenient place to feed a bunch of middle school kids was the McDonalds on 8th Ave. In those days, the finest was just a couple doors down from McDonalds, so we would sneak over there after scarfing down a burger to check the place out. At the time, I was a very sheltered child, only listened to Christian or Country music. I distinctly remember Kristy Alexander was just starting to turn into a real punk girl. She was listening to bands like Skinny Puppy or the Dead Milkmen. I was both fascinated and appalled by this music, and The Finest seemed to be a dark, dangerous place of forbidden delights.

As my music tastes expanded I spent many hours and hundreds of dollar perusing the collections in The Finest and other used music stores that have since went by the way. Unfortunately, the responsibility of adult life, the fact that I now have an extensive music collection and the convenience of acquiring new music online has reduced my visits to the store.

I certainly hope that Jim can find a buyer that will be able to keep The Finest name alive, and find a way to bring continue it on, but even if he doesn’t The Finest will live on in the memories of thousands like me.