The Lisa

Lisa Barone at Bruce Clay, INC recently discussed positioning and branding. I find this interesting for two reasons. One because I am working hard to position my own company e-Marketing Partner, and two because I am currently reading

The Lisa comments on the sights and smells of Starbucks – a company who has mastered the art of branding and positioning. Starbucks has made their name synonymous with coffee and turned what used to be a 25 cent beverage into a multi-billion dollar empire. Their achievement is admirable and very difficult to achieve. The real goal here, when it comes to branding, is finding your niche. You have to put your product in the forefront of the public’s mind, above other bloggers, coffe shops, whatever. Unfortunately, most businesses out there don’t even have the focus to know what their niche is, let alone exploit it.

If you are trying to establish yourself out in the world, take Lisa’s advice. Find your brand DNA, focus it, develop it and put it out there for the world to find. With enough work you could be the next Starbucks.