Headworks Park Review

Last week Jason, Jake and I hopped in the truck and headed for Nebraska. Our destination (one of them anyway) was Headworks Park near Genoa.

To be honest, I was skeptical about going to Nebraska to ride, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The Headworks Park riding area was clean, well maintained and very fun to ride on.

This area was created by the dredging of a canal near the river. The sand is the silt that deposits at the bottom of the canal. Twice a year the area is shut down for two weeks so the maintenance people can dredge the canal. This is one thing to watch out for – right now it’s closed and we would not have been happy if it had been closed last week.

The sand at Headworks Park is very interesting. It’s almost a silica, extremely fine. We didn’t bring our sand paddles, but we didn’t have any problem at all climbing any of the hills. The main riding area is relatively flat with hills and trees on either side. Every couple hundred yards there are large pipes, appearantly connected to the dredging operations, that separate the areas. One side borders the canal that is dredged, the other side has a band of trees with many rideable trails. The far side of the trees opens out to the river and another large riding area.

Headworks Park is maintained, at least in part, by the Nebraska Off Highway Vehicle Associaton (NOHVA). My hat is off to those guys, they have done a great job with Headworks. In fact, while there we met one of the Association members who was very polite in welcoming us to the park.

It was a great day of riding. I will post pictures before long. We had a bit of trouble with Jake’s LT80 and I had some trouble with the Warrior, but that’s another post…