Creepy PSAs

Your tax dollars at work – PSAs warning kids about how the Internet works.

How is it possible that high school kids don’t get that once you post pics of yourself on the net they will be there forever? I think it’s the parents, Ad Council and government officials that were shocked by this. Kids know it will be up there forever, but don’t care, just like they don’t care about the tattoos, nose ring or GPA.

The first video makes me wonder what Neil Flynn would think about the evil Janitor stereotype.

The Janitor

I've Tivoing and watching Scrubs lately. It wasn't that I avoided it before, just wasn't part of my standard TV viewing.

Zach Braff has been catching a lot of flack from the Indie music crowd. Appearantly, since The Postal Service got such great exposure in Garden State, some people are lumping Zach's work in with The OC for promoting indie music. Of course the ultra-music-snobs don't like this, or something. Personally I couldn't care less, but the commentary did get me interested in more of Braff's work.

While Zach's combination of physical comedy and dry wit in Scrubs is enjoyable I think The Janitor, Neil Flynn, has the best role. The part is so well written and his delivery is perfect every time.

You Tube is full of Janitor clips, here is one of my favorites…