Broncos Meltdown – EXPLAINED!

If you are a Denver Broncos fan, as I am, you have had a dismal season. The Broncos have been up and down, but mostly down. A fiasco of special teams failures, inadequate defense and tepid offense. All year long the citizens of Colorado have searched for an explaination. Some blame bad kicking, some blame youth on defense, some even go so far to blame the coaching.

Last night, while watching the Houston Texans school the Broncos at their own game, I had an epiphany. I know why the Broncos have struggled this year. The problem is Jay Cutler can’t see out.

Jay Cutler

If you examine the picture on the right closely, you will see how the helmet comes down over Cutler’s eyes. It’s unclear if this is an equipment issue, or just a mishapen head on Cutler’s broad shoulders, but the problem is obvious.

The poor fitting helmet is restricting Cutler’s vision and causing sacks, missed throws, missed opportunities and interceptions. Hopefully the Denver Broncos organization will read this, and either get Jay into surgery to fix his head, or build a special helmet that he can see out of.

Broncos Game – Recap

I was fortunate enough to attend my first NFL game when my friend Sarah invited me to Saturday night’s pre-season Denver Broncos game. While I am an avid professional football fan, this was the first time I had ever been to a pro game live. While I had a great time, and really appreciate Sarah taking me, I don’t think I will go to another.

The amazing thing about an NFL game is that nobody really seems to watch the game. when I watch a game at home I am bombarded by three hours of play-by-play action by at LEAST two announcers. They give background information, stats analysis, and replays for BOTH teams. Invesco Field had two big screens that showed replays and information on the Broncos, but nearly nothing on their opponents, the Cleveland Browns. From my upper deck seat I couldn’t make out the name of any Browns players. I really felt like I only got to watch half a football game.

Again, this is not a critque of the evening. I had a great time, but I care too much about the game to watch another one live. I would much rather watch Jay Cutler fumble snaps and throw incompletions in the comfort of my own home, where I can switch over to Peyton Manning when I get frustrated…

Plummer out, Cutler in

Denver Broncos coach, Mike Shanahan announced today that rookie Jay Cutler will be the starting quarterback next week against the Seattle Seahawks replacing Jake Plummer.

This is a big decision for Shanahan. I've always liked Plummer, even back to his days at ASU. It is unfortunate the Broncos haven't been able to return to the Super Bowl with Plummer at the helm. It's not clear if the problem is with Plummer or if it's Jake's supporting cast, but the overall ineffectiveness of the Broncos offense this year is undeniable.

Part of me hopes that Cutler can step in and take the Broncos to the playoffs. Another part of me hopes that Plummer will be vindicated and Cutler will fall flat on his face. No matter what, you can be sure Denver fans will be merciless to the new guy. First bad game he has they will be burning a Cutler effigy in the Mile High parking lot…