Broncos Meltdown – EXPLAINED!

If you are a Denver Broncos fan, as I am, you have had a dismal season. The Broncos have been up and down, but mostly down. A fiasco of special teams failures, inadequate defense and tepid offense. All year long the citizens of Colorado have searched for an explaination. Some blame bad kicking, some blame youth on defense, some even go so far to blame the coaching.

Last night, while watching the Houston Texans school the Broncos at their own game, I had an epiphany. I know why the Broncos have struggled this year. The problem is Jay Cutler can’t see out.

Jay Cutler

If you examine the picture on the right closely, you will see how the helmet comes down over Cutler’s eyes. It’s unclear if this is an equipment issue, or just a mishapen head on Cutler’s broad shoulders, but the problem is obvious.

The poor fitting helmet is restricting Cutler’s vision and causing sacks, missed throws, missed opportunities and interceptions. Hopefully the Denver Broncos organization will read this, and either get Jay into surgery to fix his head, or build a special helmet that he can see out of.