When I’m 84

My Grandmother had her 84th birthday this July. Anyone who knows her will testify that she’s not like any other 84 year old. Until just a few years ago she was still employed full time at the post office. She still would be, but she had some health problems, so now she’s retired. My grandfather is a farmer, and they still live on the farm – their home since the 1940s.

We all took her out to the Country Buffet (CB), since it’s her favorite place. It’s just about what it sounds like and wouldn’t be my choice, but hey, it wasn’t my birthday.

A good time was had by all. Unfortunately, we didn’t get too many good pictures of her.
Grandma, Grandpa and John
I forgot my camera and Lindsey’s was full from their trip to Iowa, so what you see here is pretty much what we got.

As usual, John was a major hit. Going to be a low blow when he gets a little sister and isn’t always the center of attention.

Great Grandmas Birthday Balloon Hat

After we finished eating Mr. Clay the balloon guy showed up. Since his dad was out of town I took John over to have a balloon made.

It was amazing. We stood there for at least 20 minutes, waiting for John’s turn. He was totally riveted to the balloon man and his creations. For those of you who don’t know, John is more active than most two year olds, the boy never stands still. While waiting for the balloon he stood there holding my hand with only the occasional nervous jump.

Balloon Hat

Finally our turn came. Since John doesn’t talk much, he couldn’t make a request, so I suggested a surprise. Mr. Clay proceeded to ask me how big our car was. Since Lindsey’s Tahoe was at it’s full 8 person capacity, recommended not getting too carried away.

The Balloon man proceeded to make the HUGE hat you see here (not sure what he would have made if I told him we had enough room). I remember thinking that John wouldn’t wear that. He can be kind of difficult that way, but I was wrong. The Balloon Man put it on his head and John wore it all the way home. He was completely fascinated by the whole experience.