Democrats are Liars

Nancy Pelosi - Speaker of the House

The Democrats are catching a lot of flack right now for not ending the war in Iraq. Congress currently has one of the lowest approval ratings in a decade – only 23% of Americans think they are doing a good job. This is only a 2% improvement the December rating of 21%.

There is plenty of hand wringing and finger pointing being done by the democrats over this issue:

In winning control of Congress from
President George W. Bush’s Republicans last November, Democrats told voters they would move swiftly to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq.

But they now say voters must understand they need help from Republicans to clear procedural hurdles, override presidential vetoes and force Bush to change course.

Democratic Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware said he explained this recently to anti-war demonstrators. “‘We know. We know,”‘ he quoted them as replying. “But we are so disappointed.”‘

Biden, seeking the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, said: “Voters are going to be mad with us until we end the war.”

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said some Democrats understand “we can only do so much.”

Bottom line, this is all a lie. Congress controls funding for the War, all it has to do is not approve the funding and the situation in Iraq will come to a screeching halt. In fact, Congress had an opportunity to do this about a month ago. They played chicken with the President by attempting to include timetables for withdrawl in the bill. President Bush vetoed the bill, so Congress removed the provision and passed it anyway.

Democrats dropped troop withdrawal deadlines because they were unable to overcome a veto and unwilling to risk cutting off money for the troops, reports CBS News radio correspondent Bob Fuss.

There is a large percentage of Americans that are against the war, both those who never supported it and those who are currently disenchanted with the whole concept. The first person/party that stands up and makes a serious stand against the war has an opportunity to make history. Unfortunately that position also carries a significant risk. The public is fickle, and when the Bush administration stops paying soldiers and blames Congress there could be serious fallout.

I believe the war, in it’s current state, is unwinnable. The region is incapable of stability and self government. The only two options are to evacuate our troops or to forceably occupy Iraq, collect reparations and govern it like occupied Japan was post WWII.

Neither of these are going to happen, politicians will continue to compromise, whine, point fingers and lie about the situation – and it will cost the Democrats in 2008.