CNN on Politics

Amazing. One of the largest news organizations in the world appearantly doesn’t have any idea how the U.S. Presidential Election process works.

In today’s article on the Nevada caucus CNN published this statement:

In a presidential race that’s increasingly coming down to who has the most delegates, a win helps Romney.

Amazingly enough, the presidential race is ALWAYS about who has the most delegates, that’s how you get the nomination.

Morons shouldn’t have been asleep in civics class.

Great Wall of USA

Today President Bush signed into law a bill that will build 700 miles of fence along the Mexican border, fencing about a third of the US-Mexican line. Critics of the law have been concerned about the funding for this monstrosity. Fortunately, CNN has posted a picture of the proposed fence.

Mexican Fence

Looks like the US is planning on fencing Longhorns instead of Wetbacks. The barbed wire and T-posts should be much more economical than some border fortification projects.

Great Wall of China