Do I have Bulimia????

Appearantly many people have Bulimia and don't know it because they don't puke.

Bulimia is widely known as a “binge-purge” eating disorder, in which a person goes through cycles of excessive eating followed by purging — through either vomiting or abusing laxatives and diuretics.

But there are also non-purging forms of bulimia, where tactics like excessive exercise or strict dieting are used to counter binge-eating episodes.

Now the LAST thing I want to do is diminish the dangers of eating disorders, but where do you draw the line? Does this mean that when I have a big Sunday dinner and spend the rest of the week watching my diet and putting time in at the gym I have an eating disorder?

There are fitness experts that actually promote this type of lifestyle as a healthy means of weightloss. I have done this myself and had good success, but now this article says these are symptoms of an eating disorder. I am so confused.