How do you screw this up?

It's old news now, but Britney is giving Kfed (now Fed-Ex) the boot. How could he let this happen? Back in 2004 Kevin Federline hit the lottery. He managed to convince Britney to marry him. From that point on he had ONE job – keep her happy.

Let's break it down. Britney is

  • Smokin' Hot
  • Talented (at least enough to sell LOTS of records)
  • Seriously filthy rich – net worth around $150 MILLION
  • Smarter than Jessica Simpson
  • Mostly white trash – so you know she's fun

All this former backup dancer had to do was make the marriage work, so what does he do? He tries to become a rap star. Who does he think he is? Dr. Dre? You don't have to be a huge music exec to see this guy isn't the next Marshall Mathers. Hope his HUGE album “Playing with Fire” with it's 6,000 sales and his appearance on WWE RAW were worth losing his marriage and future. Moron.