Pack your gel

Well, I haven’t posted anything lately. Off to California tomorrow to see Kara and Joe and I’ve been busier than a one legged man at a butt-kicking contest. Did have a couple posts I wanted to make before I left though.

As I’m getting ready for my trip I’ve been watching the current state of the airline security closely. One of the most amusing things I’ve seen is the TSA’s restriction on gel-filled bras. I won’t succumb to the cheap shot of making fun of them for requiring everyone to pack a gel-filled bra. My question is who is making sure no women are WEARING gel-filled bras. Does every woman with (appaerantly) large breasts have to prove they are real? Can I look forward to a plane full of braless women because their gel-filled undergarments have been confiscated? Most importantly, how can I get the bra inspector job? (I’ve wanted that since Jr. High).

So much of this airline security is just theatre and this is just a ridiculous example. For a critical view of our nations security policies I would highly recommend you read Bruce Schneier’s monthly newsletter.