New Look

OK, I'm working on a new look for All The Info. Actually, more of an old look. Found this new template named thirteen which I like, but is a little too pretty for this site. I'm going to start with it and see if I can mangle it into some kind of mix with this, but with more of a pulp look. Probably end up as a disaster, but it's fun anyway.

UPDATE: So here it is, my new look. Three hours later. What do you think?

Why is Windows so dumb

I run both a Linux machine and a Windows machine at home. My linux workstation is also my firewall/router to my cable connection. The other night I came home and doing some web work. I tried to connect to the site I was working on to review my work in IE, and it wouldn't connect.

So I screwed with it for a half hour or so. Finally, decided to change the hard coded DNS adress in my network settings. This fixed it. Appearantly, the DNS server I was using was no longer available. Now, how hard would it be for Windows XP to say – hey, your DNS server isn't talking to me any more. Nope, it just refused to connect to any websites. Grrrrr.

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Many of you who live in Northern Colorado may have recently received a postcard in the mail. This postcard was a notification of the new website. Appearantly nextnc is going to be some kind of local culture/advertising website.

I was interested to see who nextnc so I did a little search. Turns out the is owned by how to get ex husband back with new girl.

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href=””>Swift Newspapers, Inc. the same company that owns the Greeley Tribune. Now I’m all for increased internet usage in Northern Colorado, but I’m not keen on one company controlling it all. Please, if you are going to list a classified ad on be aware that you are just throwing more money to some out of state company that already controls much of the region’s news and advertising revenue.