Lexis Nexis employment verification – Hire AMERICANS

Had a phone call yesterday. It was a woman, not sure where she was from, but she did sound like some Indian tech support people I have spoken with in the past. She was obviously stumbling through a script, I could barely hear her and she said she was verifying something. 99 times out of 100 these are sales calls, so I politely told her I wasn’t interested and hung up.

A few minutes ago I got a call from the same number. Didn’t bother to answer it this time. Listened to the voice mail and could barely make it out. The call was quiet, the accent was bad (male this time) but I barely made out the name of an ex-employee and the Lexis Nexis name. After 8 listens I finally deciphered the call back number. I always liked this employee and wanted to help, so I called the number back.

Again, a different person with an Indian accent. I told him I was returning a call, and he asked for the verification number (like it was on me to figure out what he wanted). I said I couldn’t understand the voicemail, but I knew the person’s name. He finally figured it out, had generally poor phone skills, but the employment was verified.

I share this for one reason. If you are using Employment Verification through Lexis Nexis, this was my experience. If I hadn’t liked this person I wouldn’t have jumped through any hoops to figure out who was calling, how to call them back and what they wanted. These people must be from the worst call center on the planet, I talked to three of them and none were easy to understand. Likewise, if you have applied for a job and there are any issues with employment verification, it could be because somebody was using this service and your old boss was too busy to monkey with them.