Seize the Deal – Fro Yo Fail

Spooners Frozen Yogurt in Fort Collins. A friend in Fort Collins LOVES Spooners and Fro Yo in general, so I thought I would surprise him with a coupon for $10 in yogurt.

The purchase went great, but the first snag was that they didn’t send the deal out right away. I bought it on a Friday and for some reason they didn’t deliver the deal until the following Monday. This restriction was included in the fine print, but didn’t really feed my need for instant gratification the way the Internet is supposed to. Of course, by Monday the purchase was forgotten and didn’t come back to mind until I received a notification about my voucher on the following Wednesday (remember, this was supposed to go to my friend).

So today, 10 days after my initial purchase, I asked my friend about it. He never did see an email about the Fro Yo, so I tried to forward him the notification I had received. He wasn’t able to log in and access the voucher, so I sent him my email and password so he could get the coupon.

After all this, I thought I would send an email to Seize the Deal support and see what they said. Initially an Out of Office notification was sent out, they only have support from 8am – 5:30pm CST Monday through Thursday. The request was sent out at 12:30pm on Monday, it was MLK Day so maybe Seize the Deal keeps Banker/Government hours. Surprisingly, only 3 minutes later a real response was sent offering to forward the link to my friend. This course of action had already been pursued and I informed support of that as well as informing them that I just sent him my login and password so he could get his Voucher.

Seize the Deal’s response?

“Very good – Glad you were able to get it to him.”

Really? No Apology? No explanation of how this is supposed to work? No link to an FAQ for people who don’t get their Vouchers? Nope, just a “Very Good”.

I’ve spent a couple hours trying to figure out how to get a voucher for $5 in free Fro Yo and Seize the Deal doesn’t care. I think next time I’ll just skip it and just pay full price for the yogurt, it will be cheaper.

Zappos, Spirit Airlines and the BoSox

Business Blog Consulting had a nice post last week about the awesome customer service of Zappos, and the horrid customer service of Spirit Airlines. Now I have never used either of these companies, I don’t fly much and I buy all my clothes (OK, not all, but most) from Ross. Actually bought a way cool pair of Rocket Dog shoes for $13 last week on clearance at Ross – way cheaper than Zappos.

Regardless, if Zappos customer service is as good as it sounds, YOU should probably buy from them.

On a completely unrelated note, the Boston Red Sox swept our Colorado Rockies in the World Series last night. I guess The Lisa was right about her beloved baseball team. Grrr…

Dental Arts

I just found a website for a dentist here in our local area. This dentist has decided it was a good idea to use the term Dental Arts in his name.

I know, terms like ‘healing arts’ or ‘dental arts’ are somewhat common in the medical industry, but I am confident that the last person I want cleaning my teeth is an ‘Artist’.

All I can picture is walking into a grungy studio apartment with a big dental chair in the middle and having Isaac Mendez show up, covered in paint, all strung out on heroin and holding a dental drill. As if Dentists weren’t scary enough when they were college educated Doctors…