Living in a Tower

For years, my father has had a dream. He wants to live in a tower.

Concrete Grain Silo

More specifically, he wants to live in a concrete tower si Get Back With My Ex Boyfriend lo. Appearantly, sometime during the middle of the 20th century, farmers could order kits for these concrete silos. Concrete blocks and cables to hold them together would be shipped to your location for a fairly reasonable sum. Today, of course, we have all kinds of ridiculous things like weight limits from UPS and building codes. Building a concrete silo is no longer as trivial as it once was.

My father’s idea is to take one of these old silos and build an internal structure with a staircase and an observation deck at the top. I’m fairly confident that if we had an ocean nearby he’d want a lighthouse too.

The point of all this is, that I’ve found my Dad’s kindred spirit with this water tower conversion in the Netherlands.

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