Zappos, Spirit Airlines and the BoSox

Business Blog Consulting had a nice post last week about the awesome customer service of Zappos, and the horrid customer service of Spirit Airlines. Now I have never used either of these companies, I don’t fly much and I buy all my clothes (OK, not all, but most) from Ross. Actually bought a way cool pair of Rocket Dog shoes for $13 last week on clearance at Ross – way cheaper than Zappos.

Regardless, if Zappos customer service is as good as it sounds, YOU should probably buy from them.

On a completely unrelated note, the Boston Red Sox swept our Colorado Rockies in the World Series last night. I guess The Lisa was right about her beloved baseball team. Grrr…

I think I hate Massachusetts

So, the Rockies haven’t fared well against the Boston Red Sox. As of this writing, the Rocks are down three games in the series. Now, I normally don’t hate the BoSox, but when they are playing the home team…

Worst part is, not only is Boston beating up on my baseball team, the New England Patriots are busy annihilating teams on what looks like a steamroll to the Super Bowl. Appearantly Bill Belicheck has decided the way to win back the hearts and minds of America, after his cheating ways, is to embarrass his opponent in every game he coaches. Today’s 52-7 whipping of the Washington Redskins reminded me of the Nebraska (another team I hated) glory days when Tom Osborne would run the score up on every poor team he played.

Worst case scenario, the Red Sox will sweep the Rockies to be the 2007 World Series winners and the New England Patriots will beat the Colts next week, go undefeated and win the Super Bowl again.

The only thing that could make me hate Boston more is if the Bruins knock the Avs out of the Stanely Cup race.

Of course, best case would be the Rocks winning four straight to be Series Champs, Colts beat the Pats next week, and the Broncos rally to win the Super Bowl. Let’s hope for that.