Where is this Straw Man Obama keeps referring to?

Calling For a Straw Man Candidate to Enter the Presidential Race

Straw Men
For example, President Obama says things like, “There are those out there who want us to go down the same old path — the path where we just throw up our hands and say, ‘We can’t do anything about education. It’s too hard. We can’t do anything about health care — it’s too tough.’”

You see, that’s a unique position if there ever was one. I can’t say as though I’ve ever heard ANYONE say that our country can’t do anything about education and health care because it’s “too hard”. I want to hear more about this from the Straw Men, and I want to know if they’re really that lazy or if there’s some genius idea behind their proclaimed laziness.

Fantastic article, makes a great point. Who is Obama talking about when he makes all these statements? I don’t know these people!!!

And for those of you who are confused on what a Straw Man is (via wikipedia)

A straw man is a type of argument and is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent’s position. To “attack a straw man” is to create the illusion of having refuted a proposition by replacing it with a superficially similar yet unequivalent proposition (the “straw man”), and refuting it, without ever having actually refuted the original position.