When is it litter?

I’m pretty sure if I went and dumped trash on somebody’s front step I would get in trouble. The owner of the house would probably call the police and I’d get a ticket for littering. There are signs on the highway warning about fines for dumping. So why is it that people can just come along and leave their trash on my doorstep? Doesn’t seem fair.

About once a month our local newspaper, the wonderful Greeley Tribune, sends somebody around to dump a ‘free’ paper on my step. Now this paper is some syndicated thing with celebrity gossip that’s two weeks old called Extra. Now, would somebody please explain to me how it’s even legal for a newspaper to hire people and dump trash on my doorstep. I don’t subscribe to their paper, I’ve never been their customer, but somehow they think it’s OK to hire somebody to drive around our city and dump TONS of newspapers on people that don’t want or read them. What a waste.

If we are all so worried about foriegn oil dependency, global warming and saving the planet we should put a stop to things like this first.