Watching a dim movie with a 3D Projector

The dying of the light

Driven by a mania to abandon celluloid in favor of digital, increasing numbers of chains are installing 3D-ready digital projectors. As everyone can tell simply by taking off their 3D glasses, the process noticeably reduces the visible light from the screen. I got emails from readers saying the night scenes in “Pirates of the Caribbean” were so dim they were annoying.

Ah, but what if you saw the movie in 2D? As it happens, a lot of people did; Gitesh Pandya of reported: “less than half of the Pirates weekend gross came from 3D screens, with more opting for the 2D version.” He attributes that to moviegoers being “cautious with their dollars.” After the weekend, David Poland of ran the numbers and determined 60% of sales were in 2D and 40% in 3D: “Not only is this a clear rejection of 3D on a major movie, but given how distribution is currently designed, it makes you wonder whether Disney cost themselves a lot of gross by putting their film on too high a percentage of 3D screens.”

So not only are movie theaters charging $10 to watch a movie, but they can’t even be bothered to give a good projection??? Maybe Roger Ebert’s article will prompt some of these theaters to change their policies. I went ahead and sent this to the multiplex here in town, I’ll be interested to see if they respond to my question.