The other white meat milk

In bizzare news of the day The National Pork Board has had their nasty lawyers send a nasty Cease and Desist letter to a woman that runs a 'lactivist' (Lactation Activist) blog for having the audacity to try and sell at t-shirt that reads 'The Other White Milk'.

The Pork board claims this shirt infringes on their 'Pork, the other white meat' trademark.

Why is it we live in a world where people would rather get lawyers or police involved before they pick up the phone, write a personal letter/email or cross the street and have a conversation. It's a sad sign of our times.

I wish Jennifer still had the infamous t-shirt for sale. I'd buy one for my sister. I could give up Pork in protest… but that's not going to happen. I may just have to support the breastfeeding blog buy purchasing one of her other shirts.